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Today, there are hundreds of enterprising men and women who
write simple research papers (known in the mail order trade as
FOLIOS) and sell them by mail.

In the pages that follow, I'll show you how you can do the same.
I'll show you how to select a subject, how to research it, how
to write it, how to get it printed, and how to sell it.

I'll show you the four ways to sell it.

If you are new to folio selling, I'll show you which of the four
ways would be the best for you.

I hope you will read what follows very carefully and very

There are no catches. I have nothing more to sell to you
(unless you want to read some of the other folios which I have

I hope the information which follows can be of real benefit to

That is why I have written it!

Exactly what is a folio?

A folio can be called a booklet, a pamphlet, a report, a
newsletter, a guide, an instruction manual, a plan, a
manuscript, etc.

A folio is simply an easy-to-understand manual which shows the
reader "How To" do something that he does not already know how
to do.

Most folios show the reader … How to start or expand a hobby;
How to develop new abilities or qualities; How to start a new
business or expand an old one; How to prepare for a new career;
How to make or save money; How to solve personal problems; How
to spend leisure time.

A well written folio is authoritative, factual, and helpful. It
should be written in simple, easily understood language.

It can be anything from a brief two-page photocopied report to a
professionally printed book bound in a hardback cover.

People who purchase folios by mail are interested in the
information they contain. Seldom do they care what brand of
paper the information is printed on.

What kind of folios are now being sold by mail?

Pick up almost any magazine at a news stand that carries
classified advertising and you will find ads written by people
who are selling their folios by mail.

Here are sample ads from magazines lying on the desk.

"Be secure, confident, successful! Learn the secret of personal
power. £2.00" "Secrets of the Spirit World! Only £2.00
Post-paid!" "Traffic Tickets? Beat them, step by step method.
£1.95". "Fluorescent Tubes Rejuvenated at no cost. Instructions
£4.00" "Why grow old and die? Li Chung Yun lived 256 years.
You could too". "Guide to Witches Covens – £12.00" "Learning
Bridge? Send £12.95 for 20 page guide." "Learn the secret of
making every dress you sew fit perfectly. Only £3.00". "10
Wonder Working Prayers. Enrich, Strengthen Your Life. £2.50".
"Home Made Cheese. Hard, soft and cottage. Make it yourself!
Complete instructions, recipes, £2.00" "Peterborough Area Job
Opportunities £2.00" "Ship in Bottle. Instructions. Drawings.

If you can produce a "How To" manual that is novel, interesting
and genuinely helpful, you can do what the advertisers above
have done. You can print it yourself and sell it by mail!

What should you write about?

You should write

* only on subjects that really interest you, and * on subjects
that you already know something about.

For example, if you just love to cook, write a folio on cooking.

If people like the first folio they buy from you, they will buy
other folios in the future, as long as they are on the same
basic subject.

If you write on a subject that really does not interest you very
much, you will be bored to death by the time you get to your
third folio.

Ask yourself – what do I do with my spare time? Write a folio
about that!

How do you research the folio?

Make yourself an expert on the subject!

Talk to friends and neighbours. Ask questions. Read books,
newspapers, and magazines on the subject. Ask your librarian
for suggestions. As you read, keep notes on everything. When
you have read everything you could lay your hands on, sit down
and study your notes. Read them over slowly and carefully.
Then lay the notes aside and think about the whole subject for a
day or two. You will be amazed at what your mind will do with
the subject if you have researched it thoroughly. How do you
write it?

Here is a tip from a professional writer.

Sit down and pretend that you are a person who knows absolutely
nothing about the subject.

Write down fifteen questions that such a person might ask you.

Then write out, in your own words, the answers to the fifteen

Do not try to be literary!

When you are finished, lay it aside for a day or two.

Then re-read it with a red pencil, crossing out all unnecessary
words and sentences, inserting a new point here and there.

Rewrite the whole thing, and you will be amazed to discover that
your folio is ready to be published!

How do you get in printed?

Type it as neatly as possible onto A4 white typing paper.
Single space it, leaving two lines between each paragraph.

take it to a local copy/print shop, who will make you however
many copies of it, very reasonably, within 24 hours usually.

If you have more than four pages, have it printed on both sides
of the paper. It will lower your printing costs slightly, and
save you extra postage in the future.

To give your folio a professional touch, have it printed on
canary yellow, pink, or light green paper.

How do you sell it?

1. Direct from ads in magazines and tabloid papers.

If economically possible, sell it for £2.00 or £3.00 per copy.
Write a brief, eye catching classified ad, asking those
interested to send their orders directly to you.

If your ad is novel, believable, and of genuine interest, you
will be surprised at how many people will do this.

If your folio is about stamp collecting, advertise it in the
stamp collecting papers.

If it is about astrology, advertise it in the Astrology
magazines- to do otherwise is fatal.

Be sure to run your ad in at least three issues. If you have
never sold folios by mail, I sincerely suggest you use this
method. 2. Advertise for Inquiries.

If your folio is quite elaborate, and must be sold for £5.00 or
more, use this method. Write a brief, tempting ad describing
your folio, and offer free details. Then mail literature
describing the folio to those who answer the ads. Don't expect
more than one enquiry in ten to buy it from you.

Here are ads placed by folio writers in a recent issue of
Exchange and Mart who use this method:

"Never Won Anything? Anyone can win sweepstakes contests! Free

"Troubled? God can help! Free information."

"Overweight? I lost 53 pounds. Easily – Permanently. New
Method. Information Free".

"Make money clipping newspapers at home in spare time. Details

3. Direct Mail.

If you have written a folio showing how to get your inventions
patented, you could purchase a list of amateur inventors, and
mail your sales literature to each individual on the list.

If you are lucky, you'll sell your folio to about one person in
every twenty-five.

Direct mail can be very effective for experienced mail order
operators, but it is usually far too costly for the beginner.

It can easily cost you over two hundred and fifty pounds for
each one thousand letters you mail.

4. Selling through agents.

If you are willing to sell your folio in small wholesale
quantities, or if you are willing to drop ship folios for mail
dealers, then you might find this the most effective way to
market your folios.

Below are some ads placed by folio writers.

"Sell Health Books Mail Order! Write"

"Sell Books By Mail. Complete Dealer Set Up £2.00"

"Sell Books by Mail! 400% Profit"

"Free Newsletter! Sell Books by Mail. We wholesale/dropship"

Some of the above ads have been running for over ten years,
indicating that this could be a very successful way to market
your folios.
azed at what your mind will do with

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