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 Women in a business
are an absolute liability

by Ying Tong Tom



Stained with sun and heroic slaughter
With shoulders bursting their braces
and chests like bramble patches



“I have a lovely day when I see him in his suit”

The typical rule-bound business with identical-clone branches is a machine, because men think in machine terms; rigid rules, authority systems, unbreakable procedures

The goblins in a man’s head are barriers, closed doors and stop signs … and you know what the result is … grouse, bitch, complain, swear, make idle threats and have too much to drink

A female business would be based on ongoing relationships where 75% of its communications were to inform, help, or learn, and only 25% were to sell. I know of no such businesses in the UK
A man can engage in female selling. A woman can engage in male selling. Many do



Oblige the Squire or quit the lodging

“Customer Focused” is a Male Business pretending to be a Female Business – a machine business pretending to be a relationship business
‘machine’ is to ‘relationship’ as ‘ass’ is to ‘face’ – they’re going through the motions but frankly they’re only interested in your money

These articles describe how you can build a female business right now from the ground up without being as butch as an ice-skater’s friend
The information is FOR FREE
It is immediately actionable


Advertise FREE for Life!

  •  eBay is Google’s second biggest advertiser
  • EVERY page on eBay gets a high ranking on Google > Reviews, Guides, and Collections pages – You know you can write eBay Reviews and Guides, right?
  • 1)  You can put a link on your eBay Profile page
    2)  You can promote your website address on your eBay Collections page and on PERMANENT Review and Guide pages
    Which means you can get natural Google search traffic to those eBay pages 
    and from there to your opt-in web page


“The entire global marketplace is no longer driven by quality,
experience, or training. It is driven by Celebrity Status!”

Paul Hartunian


The source of more happiness than anyone can imagine is …


“The consumer loves to do business with experts
It is extremely important that you become an authority
on whatever you are selling”



.Mystery Mum

.Hurricane in mink

“A life sprinkled with tinsel dust
.A touch like the crackling of stars
.She lived on thrills, provoked adventure
.and brought home gossip in a cloud of gold air”


T.J.Rohleder said :-

“One of the best ways that I know to increase your price is to make yourself a celebrity in the market place
There’s such a tremendous demand for them! 

Do business in a totally different way to how other people do it
and all of a sudden everybody goes crazy over you”
Ruthless Marketing Systems



This Article 1 is the Publisher system that provides the financial platform
on which you can build the Celebrity Program in the next linked Article 2

This Article 1 comprises 41 linked web pages
containing 555 outgoing reference links (See SITE MAP)
Links to the other articles are at the bottom of the page

If some of the pages don’t look good on Chrome, they’re OK on Firefox


Advertise FREE for Life! is owned by Google
For natural SEO ranking, don’t underestimate the power of a free blog
I’ve got one I haven’t touched for 2 years and it’s still had 1,000 visitors
and still sends visitors to this site every week!

Suppose everyone went around irresponsibly saving money all over the place!

More on free blogs in Article 8 : ‘FREE Software and Product Creation tools’
The link is at the bottom of this page


It is important that women should not talk much
and be of a peaceful and gentle disposition
A foolish and chattering woman is an intolerable business
Since there are few wise women
they should aim at there being many silent ones
Friar Luis de Leon. 1527 – 1591


William Kingskerswell
known as Kinkers
Sheerness, Kent, UK

Dear Friend

“I will stand, though I am wet through with your tears”



Men can engage in female selling
Women can engage in male selling. And many doMen are courageous, brutal, idealistic, passionate, humerous, cruel and humane
But they are not easy servants which is what the purchasing public want and expect.


Prospective purchasers feel entitled, will not give deference, don’t want to know your problems, have little time and no patience
It is easy for salesmen to view sales as a war with the public as the opposing army
The result is transaction-selling; a reckless and toxic pursuit of sales by any means, detached from all ethical or social responsibility

1.  Female selling is relationship-selling
2.  When relationships are viewed as more important than transactions, ethical conduct follows
3.  Making a worth-while contribution to society generates professional pride
4.  Professional pride enables you to stand up and claim a celebrity position
5.  Claiming a celebrity position is a sure route to financial success today

How to achieve
Total Financial Success

Until 3 years ago, things had been going pretty well at our house

We paid the bills, afforded a holiday each year, and sometimes had something in the bank at the end of the year
As far as business was concerned, therefore, I felt fairly well content

I believed I had done the best for my family in the circumstances that were given to me

But when I discovered that, despite my 30-years in sales, there were kids on the internet selling 10 times and 20 times more than I ever did, I began to ask myself where I had ‘dropped the ball’

I said “I’m going to discover what these green kids know about sales that I don’t”

It was a rather thrilling challenge, and I went at it in the same spirit I first learned my profession all those years ago
Without bothering you with a long story, I believe I have found the answer, and you can find it too, on this website, at no cost

The accumulated treasures of their learning

Let me tell you about ‘Celebrity Publisher’

When I started this website I thought that internet marketing was just putting a sales letter on the internet, and that’s what I began to do
You will see that the main pages here are laid out like a long sales letter
But gradually I realised that these kids are doing something more
I discovered that in fact, internet marketing revolves around extraordinary software
– computer programs that make it 100 times easier to prospect for new customers, and 50 times easier to sell more to existing customers

This brought me face to face with the reality that I’m no spring chicken

I would not be able to match the skills of young people who had been using complex software all their life
So, yes, I had found the answer, but I was not going to be able to copy it
But then I thought; ‘Why don’t I just stick to the first level of this software – the basic framework that these guys use’

Eyes blazing with excitement!

It was a much bigger task – starting from zero, than I ever imagined

The only way I could deal with the huge volume of information needed, was to use this website as a mind-map
– The sales letter became the trunk of the information tree, and branches grew out in various directions, as I researched and studied

Anything you want to know about internet marketing is on this website, and is totally free for you to explore. Use the SITE MAPs at the bottom of the main pages

Alternatively you can use SwipeVault for $97pm – $197pm. Their site is better organised than mine

*  Article 8 contains lists of free software and product creation tools

…..The link is at the bottom of this page

Advertise FREE for Life!

eBay is Google’s second biggest advertiser. Try this experiment
Put a keyword phrase in the title of an eBay listing (Buy It Now : 30-days )
Wait a few days, then search that keyword phrase on Google
BANG – your eBay listing will be high on page one

So how can you use that to bring Google searchers to your opt-in page?

Find a keyword phrase that people are actively searching Google for
Put it in the title of an information product, and list that for sale on eBay
Put a ‘More Information’ link in your eBay listing description, linking to a web page
On that page give more information + your opt-in box

The golden ass of Apuleius

“If your Kindle title is something people are searching for, you’re going to have people coming in from Bing and Yahoo and Google and the other search engines, right to your book”

Jay Boyer ‘Trifecta’ webinar  amazon

To find out more about how to list on Kindle – look in the SITE MAP at the bottom of this page




The easiest information product
in the history of the world
you can make out of thin air
right now

And you don’t need a suit tailored by angels,

a voice like an earful of melted caramel,
or a chair that cradles your butt
like the hands of God


  • On Amazon, books and pamphlets are sold on the same basis and compete equally in the Amazon Best Seller rank
  • How To Kill Your Neighbour’s Dog
    Tip Sheets, Cheat Sheets and pamphlets often outsell books on the same subject!
  • I have seen a 6-page pamphlet outsell a 433-page book on the same subject AT THE SAME PRICE by TEN TIMES!
  • At the time of writing, one active pamphlet publisher called Beezix has a 4-pager high in the Amazon Best Seller list, out-ranking book after book after book on the same subject!
  • “When you put bread in the toaster and toast pops out
    ..where did the bread go?”
    Someone else has a 2-pager, which is A SINGLE SHEET PRINTED ON BOTH SIDES, laminated. It is selling 500 – 600 copies a day!
    Business and Education buyers will pay a premium AND make bulk purchases
    On that point alone you can build a business


” A pistol shot rings out “

1. There is no copyright on facts
2. CelebrityPublisher is an ‘IN YOUR WORDS’ system
3. No matter where you got ‘em from, Tips written in plain simple English
….to our 20-year established tips format
.., (with no trademark names)
.., are your copyright


Advertise FREE for Life!

Kristen Eckstein said :-

“Amazon are Google’s biggest advertiser
Google gives search precedence to information products listed on Amazon
If you do a telephone interview with an expert in your niche and put it in a Kindle book,
when anyone searches that expert’s nameon Google, your book will come up high on page one

How to cuddle a Koala

  • 1. Interview an expert using
  • 2 Get it transcribed by someone who speaks English as their primary language
  • 3. Lightly edit it, put in affiliate links to the experts products, put an Ecover on it and list it on Amazon Kindle
  • 4. CREDIBILITY : Your name on the cover associates you with the expert in that niche, adds to your credibility,puts you high on Google, and increases opt-ins to your eZine list
  • 5. If the expert is overseas, the Pamela plugin for Skype enables you to record a Skype interview
  • 6. FAST PASSIVE INCOME with minimum effort
    The more ‘Interview With An Expert’ Kindle books you have – the more times your name comes up high on Google and the more Kindle books you sell

“Amazon books rank #1 on Google for their keyword”
..Ryan Deis

Article 3 has more ways to maximise an expert contact. The link is at the bottom of this page


The WamBam Club

“The second easiest information product
in the history of the world ever
you can make FOR FREE and sell right now
with less effort than a cloud floating through a bedroom
shimmering with elegance, and drousy scents
in dazed, voluptuous air” 


You can still hear the tinkling chandeliers
below the moon-bright balcony
11 easy ways to create romance


The 5 Bedtime Rituals For Heavenly Bliss
and clear mountain-stream relationships


The Fairies made me do it
How to castellate ice cream and roses
for the ‘touch me everywhere’ game


You’d have to be half-mad not to want those arms to hold you
The 7 secrets of heart-slamming lovemaking
and 4 exercises for pleasure-pumping hips


‘Touch me all you want’ products

.“My tablets! Quick, my tablets!


  • 1
    Jaipore Pink Panthers

Your best introduction to a National Magazine Editor is your hard-copy book on his desk with permission to extract
In editor tradition, hard copy = authority
Relevant hard copy on his desk = authority column inches without cost or effort

“Publishing speaks of authority, even if it is self-publishing
They will quote a published author much more often than they will quote someone who is not published”
< C.B. Motsett > at

  • 2
    Editors are hugely enthusiastic about free stuff for their readers

Editors are not enthusiastic about conditional (opt in) digital offers
A hard-copy TIPS Pocket-book with a digital download alternative keeps everyone happy; “We have 20 TIPS books to give away to the first…..”

It’s even got a name. It’s called ‘AFFINITY MARKETING’
The larger magazines have a staff member whose sole job is to pursue Sales Executives to negotiate discounts and free stuff for readers. It’s THAT important in that industry

  • 3
    Smashing pumpkins

The quickest, easiest, cheapest, ‘pixie dust in real book form’ you can publish is a TIPS Pocket-book.

  • ‘Hard-copy’ means non-digital ; not a download. Our hard-copy has a soft-cover.
    It looks like a leaflet, with more pages and good covers
    It’s a booklet
    It’s an up-market PAMPHLET
  • “She’s got great tips”

    A Pocket-book is a soft-cover booklet that goes in your pocket so you can reference it instantly
    It is low-cost, hard-copy, and editors like it
  • This is a Catamaran system – two parallel hulls ploughing through the water
    A TIPS product footpath AND free publicity
  • .
  • You can publish a TIPS Pocket-book ‘print-on-demand’ with :-
    Amazon CreateSpace
    or your local Print Shop


Elly Boop’s dream

Everything you always wanted to know about getting published
but were afraid to ask.


How To Self-Publish Your Own Book And Make it a Best Seller


James J Jones wrote :-

“Back in 2005, Jeff Bezos bought out a company that gave any author the ability to publish a real book in as little as 7 days

  • He re-launched it as Amazon CreateSpace
  • He gave self-published authors the ability to list in the catalog
  • And he PAID GOOGLE to get these books on the first page of Google”

James J Jones eZine

Nancy Miller wrote :-

  • “The latest technology lets you get your book printed in about 1-2 weeks on Amazon’s CreateSpace – cheaper and faster than anything we’ve found so far
  • We cut our printing costs, including shipping, by 50 percent and you can too
  • You can even buy an ISBN number for $10
  • Go to and set up an account”

Nancy Miller’s blog. Rounds, Miller & Associates


The eZine Angel
“Her imagination had settled for the moment, on the idea that Tom kept a ferret”


The internet is ideal for selling quick, short, low-cost, ‘urgent need to know’ digital information products
eMail is ideal for sending fast, effective upgrade information to buyers


Your FREE eZine develops an ongoing relationship with buyers and others who are interested in you and in what you are doing
Through your eZine you can sell premium information products in hard-copy form

Your Celebrity Product 2 is a Topic Breaking News eZine  and a Topic News Blog

You build your eZine List with free national publicity,
by giving Free Talks, and by publishing your TIPS book on Kindle

A diver uses each valuable minute of bottom time


  • You can get free national publicity with your TIPS pocket-book
    You need a professionally produced, bright, attractive cover and the content professionally Desk Top Published

    (green and white cover for the health market)
  • Frequency of exposure is important
    You can order your hard-copy TIPS booklet in whatever quantities you need, from Amazon CreateSpace
  • A TIPS booklet gives you a real product that you can Talk-gig
    Afterwards people buy from a table at the back of the room
  • Tired of loving with nobody to love?
    Talk-gigs bring off-line customers to your ‘Topic Breaking News’ eZine and your ‘Topic News’ Blog
    Many will sign up for your free eZine there and then


Outsourcing is writing small cheques to get big cheques

while sipping cocktails at the Yacht Club


  • Creating, commissioning, publishing and selling problem-solving information
  • in booklets, Hot Sheets, and audio CDs
  • is a business that can be understood in an afternoon
  • because all the technical aspects can be outsourced around the world from your computer

Outsource every task

and go dancing in the moonlight

You can outsource every task involved at low cost –

  • the professional work on
    and the routine work on
  • Outsource each individual task; writing, graphics, cover and editing

  • Then take those components to the print-on-demand publisher

  • or outsource that task as well


Jim Cockrum said :-

“The power of being able to say “I am a published author”
“Being an author opens up doors that no other strategy can duplicate”


We’re coming for you
and we’ve got gorillas!


“The easiest FOR FREE way to put your TIPS book
in front of a worldwide audience at no cost
and have the biggest $5.85million advertiser
command the internet search engines…
– who are straining at the leash, 
charged with the lean tension of greyhounds – 
’promote this book NOW’ “


As easy as the giggle of a naughty nun

“If you have your own eBook, it’s highly recommended that you put it in the Kindle Marketplace
The whole key to selling eBooks here is getting them ranked highly in that marketplace
That’s it
Amazon gets so much traffic that the book will make sales as long as it’s ranked well”
Adam Short

“Selling 10 or 20 copies per day is very doable …

..even for a beginner Kindle publisher”
..Ryan Deis  ‘How To Sell 100 Books A Day’


“Housewives are doing it. Grandmas are doing it. Kids are doing it”
..Tim Castleman  eZine blog

It rose up with the force of a blooming sunflower

Tim Castleman wrote :-

“Short books sell best AND get the most reviews on Amazon
..Between 1,200 – 1,700 words”

Julia Hildy said :-

“The books on Kindle that are doing really well are 20-40 pages (10-20 leaves) even though there are larger books available at the same price
Webinar with James J.Jones


Imparting knowledge engages with the living lightning that is life

When you make your book exclusive to Kindle for 90 days :-

  • 1)  Amazon put it in their Lending Library for 90 days and pay you each time it is borrowed
  • 2)  You will be allowed to promote your book as FREE for 5 days in order to move it up the sales rank, which influences buyers later


RE: His Kindle book :
‘How To Use Pinterest’ by Ryan Deis

“This book was downloaded for free 24,821 times in the 5 days
When the free period ended we sold 188 copies the first day
The next day we sold 161 copies
In the next 2 weeks we sold 431 copies
I have done no additional promotion, and sales are steady at 400 – 600 a month plus 150 – 200 Library borrows”

Ichabod Hawkes

“Before this I published a complete flop that only got 6,998 downloads in the free period

It still earns me $200 – $300 a month”

“By the time book sales begin to slow you’ll have another 5 day free period to promote your book again”
How To Sell 100 Books A Day by Ryan Deis


When you load your book onto Kindle it stays there. Selling. Forever
You do not need to pay or renew

  • The Amazon sales rank is shown under the title of every Kindle book
    It influences purchasers
    The lower the sales rank the higher the sales
    A sales rank of 1,000 might sell 100 copies a week
    To climb the sales rank you promote your book like mad during the 5-day free period.

    Your Celebrity Product 1 is a Fact Sheet & Tips book

    You establish authority by listing them on Amazon
    and publishing the book on Kindle.


“Call me. I want to”

  • In February 2014 The Sun newspaper in the UK ran a double-page article under the headline “New Figures Reveal Average Brit Now Spending 90 Minutes Each Day On The Internet”
  • That means that the average person spends 22.5 hours out of every 24 offline
  • So where is the best place to connect with people? Offline
    And where should your promotion and publicity be directed? Offline

The Sugarbush Method
What we do online is anything that is free and simple, that we can get someone on to do.


Andrew Reynolds wrote :-

“The value of a piece in a magazine is 6 X higher than the same space bought as an ad”
Copy These Ideas newsletter


He was received to the sound of drums and trumpets

Paul Hartunian wrote :- 

“You cannot overestimate the value of celebrity status that publicity gives you
One of the greatest benefits of publicity is that you don’t have to do anything special to gain that celebrity.status
To the vast majority of people, just the fact that you are on radio or in newspapers and magazines.makes you a celebrity”  

“You don’t have to be a movie star or talk show host.  You simply have to be interviewed by the media

Now am I saying you’ll have the same celebrity status as the current Oscar winners?  Probably not.  But in your own field, you may quickly become “the” celebrity in the field.  And isn’t that what you want?”

“Never, never, never underestimate the value of celebrity status to your business.  And never, never, never.underestimate the ability of the media to bestow that status on you”

Paul Hartunian’s eZine



 “He regarded his daughter with an obvious pride and pleasure
which no person of well-balanced intellect lavished on any but a son”
Ernest Bramah.



“Women can’t be astronauts
Who will do the cooking? Who will do the cleaning?
Who will look after your husband while you’re floating about in space?”.


These articles contain a sequence of steps
that enable any average woman
to compete toe to toe and dollar for dollar in the
business arena with men and WIN!


Hot Marketing Tips
How do you start?
You focus on selling one – singular – one
Declan Dunn


Thank you for reading part 1

You are now on your way to getting everything you want in life
Part 2 is clear and easy to follow
Click on the next linked article to read ….

“The easiest way to find customers RIGHT NOW
in the history of the world ever”

… those honeyed tides of summer
when time hung golden and suspended
in a bird’s-egg-blue glass of sparkling liquid sky
that you can do now
in the history of the world ever is….”

mourning the risks you’ve never taken,
carrying your confidence in the palm of your hand
like the contents of a broken egg –
to being confident enough to run naked
screaming with delight
ashamed of nothing ‘cept being ashamed
Without being squirted in the face with shampoo water
That you can do now
in the history of the world ever”

find customers in the history of the world ever”


Tips are THE classic information product of all time


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You don’t sell it – You give it away

This business revolves around giving away free stuff

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